My "Joseph" Testimony

March 3, 2019

I meant to post this yesterday. Please forgive me. 




Towards the end of 2017, my daughter, who was six at the time, began listening to the story of Joseph—constantly. She listened to it several times a day and even requested to listen to it as she went to sleep at night. If she happened to wake up in the middle of the night, she went to the Bible app, selected Genesis 37 and pressed play before she returned to bed. She loved the story of Joseph. When we had our family movie nights, she requested every adaptation of the story of Joseph that PureFlix had to offer.

It was encouraging to not only see that she had a desire to hear the word of God but hearing Joseph’s life story also encouraged me in my life story. At the time, I was just a few months into being out of work. I wasn’t fired or laid off. I quit. When my son, who was eight at the time, was suicidal, God instructed me to leave my job to take care of my family, especially my son’s needs. At that time, I truly needed the encouragement that I gathered from hearing Joseph’s unfortunate situations. I needed the hope to see that despite what things looked like, God had a plan that was grander than what I could see.

So, day in and day out, Joseph’s hardships strengthened me. It strengthened me when I didn’t see where the next month’s rent was coming from. It strengthened me when I didn’t see the support that I so desperately was seeking. It strengthened me when there wasn’t a foreseeable end to my hardships.

Immediately after resigning, my son’s situation began to turn around. I knew that God wanted me home but the reality of not having enough income to cover my monthly expenses was tempting me to go back into the working world. Month by month, God continued to provide but it was extremely uncomfortable. I remember settling on the fact that if our family became homeless, God was still with us.

I was reminded that Joseph was wrongfully sent to prison but God was still with him and caused things to go well for him, even in that unfavorable situation. We never had to experience homelessness but I was prepared to follow God’s leading, no matter where it took me. I knew for sure, that home is where He wanted me to be, so I stayed home. Our family life thrived and we became better followers and influencers for Christ. Our faith and obedience drew us closer into God’s Will for our lives despite the difficulty.

Fast forward a year and a half. A year and a half ago when I left my job, I didn’t have a clue that a year and a half later, potential clients would be breaking down my door for my services. As I was meditating on the story of Joseph this morning, I became intrigued by the revelation that God revealed to me about Genesis 40 and 41. In Genesis 40, particularly verses 14 and 15, Joseph was in a desperate state. He was pleading for help, favor and sympathy. He wanted Pharaoh’s cup-bearer to “put in a good word for him.” How many times have we been in that situation, where we feel helpless and desperately want someone to come to our rescue? That’s similar to how I felt during the past year and a half.

During that time, resources were scarce, although God continued to provide. My first book, Beauty for Ashes, didn’t sell as well as I anticipated. I felt like I was sold a dream that never came to fruition. I thought for sure that Beauty for Ashes was going to be my ticket out of my dry season. It wasn’t. What I didn’t know was that releasing Beauty for Ashes was setting me up for something even greater.

Five months after releasing Beauty for Ashes: The Transformation of my Life’s Darkest Moments, I began writing my next book, Pursuing Purpose: 5 Keys to Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose. A month into writing it, God placed it on my heart to start a publishing company that would not only publish the many books that He put inside of me, but the ones that He placed inside of others as well. Given the experiences that I had publishing Beauty for Ashes, I had high hopes of what my publishing company would be. I wanted a company that would glorify God in everything that it did from the way that it offered superb customer service to content that it promoted. And thus, the idea and name, Glorious Works Publishing, was born.

Since Pursuing Purpose was the first book that Glorious Works Publishing was going to publish, I anticipated that it would take a while for me to open up services to the public to publish their glorious works. God had different plans, as He usually does. Before Pursuing Purpose even released, there was a high demand for Glorious Works Publishing’s services. A few short days after releasing its first, second and third books—Pursuing Purpose, Pursuing Purpose Workbook and Pursuing Purpose Mini Workbook, respectively—Glorious Works Publishing announced that it would be receiving applications for publication.

Today, March 1, 2019, on the day that Glorious Works Publishing opened up its doors to the public, I continued to meditate on Joseph’s life story. I reflected on Genesis 41, when things began to turn around in Joseph’s favor. As I compared Genesis 40:14-15 and Genesis 41:14-15, there was a stark difference in the stories. In chapter 40, Joseph was looking for a break. In chapter 41, that same Joseph was being sought out. In chapter 40, Joseph’s plans were to simply be free from prison. In chapter 41, God’s plans were to elevate Joseph to a place that he never would have imagined, even though God foretold Joseph of his eventual advancement.

I look at my life and I see how a year and a half ago, I just wanted to have enough to make sure that my family had a roof over our heads. I didn’t want much, just enough to be “free” from the prison that I felt I was in. Because God was (and still is) with me, I succeeded even in the most uncomfortable places. But because God is faithful, He is now elevating me to a level where people are seeking me out for the gifts, talents and abilities that God has graced me with. Just like Joseph, I am not in the position that I am to lord it over others but to help save nations.

While Glorious Works Publishing will serve as an avenue to meet our family’s needs, it so much bigger than a source of income, it’s a platform to make God’s name great. So, as I open up the gates, today, for Glorious Works Publishing to accept applications for publication, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness! Let this be an encouragement to you in whatever situation you find yourself. God is Faithful!!!


<3 always,

Your sister in Christ,

Kyra Lanae

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My "Joseph" Testimony

March 3, 2019