My "Breakthrough" is NOT around the corner!

September 5, 2018

My "Breakthrough" is NOT around the corner!


After many seasons of looking for "breakthrough" in various areas of my life; the Lord has helped me to understand that real breakthrough is not necessarily found "around the corner." In fact, I spent a lot of precious time waiting for, worrying about and trying to achieve breakthrough; only to discover that my most challenging circumstances were not changing.




Well meaning people told me...your breakthrough is "just around the corner." I told myself myself... your breakthrough is "just around the corner." You can imagine my disappointment when I couldn't get "around the corner?" In fact, I found myself "in the corner." And nobody wants to be "in the corner."


The corner is a place: where boxers gets pummeled, where unruly school students get punished, where rejected and afraid children go for being considered a nuisance or where lost and lonely people migrate to find solace. But, "in the corner" is where I encountered my greatest "breakthrough."


You see, Jesus was more interested in changing me than He was in changing my life circumstances. What He helped me to realize was: the power of His presence was greater than the power of my circumstances. And His presence with me through every circumstance would deepen my trust in Him and cultivate our relationship.


When I was in the corner being pummelled, He stepped in to fight for me. When I was in the corner as an unruly student, He stepped in to teach me in love. When I was in the corner; considered a nuisance child, He stepped in to comfort, accept and delight in me. When I was in the corner lost and lonely, He stepped in to be my companion and bring me peace.

No! The real breakthrough in my life was not found "around the corner." It was found "in the corner." His name is Jesus.. the "CHIEF 'CORNER' STONE." Consider letting Him be in your corner? He loves you!


"Be still and know that He is God."

Love and blessings. Steve, Jen, Selah and Jathan!

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