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Falling Back in Love with God

July 16, 2018

Sometimes we look at falling in love with Jesus as a one- time thing. It’s a continual thing. We have to consistently choose to fall in love with God throughout this journey with Him. One way to keep the passion alive in our relationship with God is to have private time with Him. We can’t  let the only time that we sing before Him, dance before Him, write about Him or exercise whatever our creative gifting is be in preparation for a performance.


Worshiping God through our creative gifts shouldn’t feel like a job. It shouldn’t be something that we feel like we HAVE to do but rather we get the honor and privilege to do.  And while there definitely is a place for practice and perfecting a gift, we shouldn’t be so perfection minded or perfection driven that we become in bondage and constrain the Holy Spirit. I remember a time that I was ministering through song and no matter how much of my heart I was pouring out before God, I felt this strong heaviness that I couldn’t break through. As I was crying out to God for understanding of what I was experiencing, He showed that the atmosphere was conducive for any more of His presence. Collectively, we had put a cap on God through the spirit of perfection that we invited in by valuing the three part harmony over the move of God.

True worship through our creative gifts are birthed through our intimacy with Him. God gives us all gifts. As you can see there are many people who are very gifted in various art forms and non art forms as well but not using their gifts the way that God intended for it to used. Just because you have beautiful voice or can move your body in a graceful way does mean that it’s being birthed from intimacy with God. And if we’re not careful, even as Christians we can get in the mindset of as long as we singing ABOUT God or dancing to  song ABOUT God or writing a book ABOUT God and we’ve perfected it as best as we naturally can that we’re doing it FOR God and that’s enough. He told the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2, “I’ve seen everything that you’ve done FOR me, but what about being madly and deeply in love WITH me.” Doing things FOR God isn’t a bad thing but the things that we do FOR Him should come for our time relationship WITH Him.


There is such an importance to cultivating your relationship with God at home. Not only does it keep the fire burning between you and God but it also fuels what seeps out of your home. It reminds me of Ezekiel 47 where it talks about the water flowing from the temple and wherever the water flows, life will spring forth. Things that were dead or impossible will come to life and be made possible.


One day as I was worshipping at home, I was singing and dancing and listening to a live stream of spontaneous worship. As I was worshipping I heard something at my front door that sounded like someone maybe leaving a paper advertisement or something. I normally don’t let things like that interrupt my time with God but the Holy Spirit told me to go to the door. So, I went to the door, and looked out my peep hole.  I saw a woman there with her hand up but it was hard to make out what she was doing. It seemed a little strange so I walked away and began praying and God told me to go back and open the door. I went back, opened the door and didn’t see the woman or any paper but when she heard the door open, she came back crying. She shared that she was just outside of my door worshipping God as she heard what was coming though my door and it filled her up. She was so overwhelmed. She continued to share how she wasn’t going to go to work that day (her job is to pass out advertisements in my neighborhood) but God told her to go. She explained how she got exactly what she needed standing outside of my door. We began to talk and share our testimonies and exchange contact information. God created that opportunity during my private time of worship, not after a public show.

And of course I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with public worship. The question is does our public display of our creative gifts supersede our private display of them or does our public display overflow from our private display.

We become in the category of the church in Ephesus when what we do outside of our home (or whatever we meet God privately) doesn’t match what we do inside. At that point, it become s just a performance rather than a lifestyle that overflows everywhere that we go. I’ve had several neighbors come up to me and ask, are you the one that’s always singing when I see them somewhere because even in the presence of strangers, I’m still singing to the Lord, the love of my life. One neighbor said that she would always listen to me as she would wait for the elevator and it was more than just singing but an anointing of God.


When you bask in the love of God and fall deeply in love with Him, things are born. It’s like when a husband and wife come together in the most intimate way without restriction, they produce and give birth to new life. You hear about couples that are so focuses on trying to bring life forth that they abandon basking in each other’s love. It becomes frustrating for when the creation of life is no longer a byproduct of their love but the focus and goal. The same happens when we abandon those sweet moments with our Father and simply go after the ministry, business, book, show or whatever else was meant to be birthed out of our intimacy with Him.


When I started my blog, I mapped out how many posts I was going to do and how everything was going to go and very quickly God got my attention. He showed me that my blogs, my books, my posts and everything that I do for Him has to be birth from my time with Him. I felt so much freedom after that reminder because I no longer felt pressured to just spit something out just for the sake of keeping up with my schedule of how God should flow through me. So as I encourage you, I remind myself to continually fall in love with God as you spend precious moments with Him. 





Revelations 2:1-5


Ezekiel 47:1-9


Psalm 63:1-8

<3 always,

Your sister in Christ, 

Kyra Lanae



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