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When Bad Things Happen

May 15, 2018

Who would have thought that God would use three movies to change my whole outlook on life? Well, that’s exactly what he did one night. I had an impromptu movie night by myself. I figured since the kids were away, I would grab a few snacks and watch a couple of movies purely for entertainment purposes. Well, God had another purpose in mind. It was through the following movies that God opened my eyes to so much more: New Life, Born to Win and 77 Chances.


Without  giving too much of the movies away, I’ll say that God showed me how what we go through in life is less important than the character that He builds in us through our tough times. That idea wasn’t foreign to me as I have already went through many trials in life but it became more profound.

Eight months ago, I walked away from my job following the Lord’s leading. I convinced myself that even when the money wasn’t coming in that I would still have a place to stay because God is my provider. While that is so true that God is a provider, would He stop being a provider if I lost my home? I began to think about those who are homeless. Certainly every homeless person isn’t without God or without the faith in Him to make things happen in their lives. I became very aware that God could very well allow my family to become homeless and not love us any less and it wouldn’t mean that we didn’t have enough faith or trust in Him to make a way.


I’m reminded of a homeless woman that I met washing up in a train station’s bathroom. I sought out to give her some food and encouragement and she truly encouraged me. As I reflected back on that moment, her encouragement increased exponentially. While she was homeless, she shared her love for God with me. She shared how He is so good to her and how He takes care of her and she has everything that she needs. Did she have a home to live in? No. Did she even have a private place to clean herself with the items that people have given to her? No. Did she wake up knowing where her next meal was coming from? No. But what she did have was a heart that was fixed on God despite what her life here on earth looked like. It’s almost like we have brainwashed ourselves into thinking that if we are walking with God, things might get bad but there’s a certain threshold that God won’t allow us to cross as His children. Open your bible and read the book of Job. God doesn’t love His homeless children less than He loves me. He doesn’t love His handicapped or disabled children less than me. He doesn’t love His chronically ill children less than me. And their circumstances are not a direct reflection of their amount of faith in God to change their situation.


The thing that’s more important to God than the things that we go through is our hearts, character and spirit. One day, we’ll go on to live in a perfect place called heaven with Him where none of those things can even come close to us. His homeless children will have mansions, His disabled children will have glorified bodies and all of us will be whole and complete. This life here on earth is not the final show but how we perform down here will determine the quality of our eternity with Him. So the things that He allows us to experience now, no matter hard or unfair they may seem strengthens and tests our character and spirit, our true selves.


God tells us to store up treasures in heaven while we’re here on earth. That lets us know that the things that we do here matter. They don’t just matter for the here and now. They have everlasting consequences. As God revealed the depth of this to me, I urge you as I speak to myself to not simply live for this life. In light of eternity even 100 years on this earth is just a drop in the bucket. Live your life with eternity in mind. That’s not to say that you will no longer be human or have human emotions when things aren’t going in the way that you expected or tragedy strikes. What I’m saying is don’t turn from God when those things happen. Don’t think that as His child there’s a certain level of hardship that won’t allow. Some of His children are born with deformities, die early in life or live a rough life here on earth. That’s not their end though and when tragedy hits you, it’s not your end either. While I say all of this, I still acknowledge the power of prayer, God’s provision and His mighty miracles. God does all things well even when it feels like it’s heartbreaking for us. Be encouraged Sis.



Matthew 6:19-20

Matthew 10:38-42

2 Timothy 4:5-8

Job 1-2

Revelation 22

<3 always,

Your sister in Christ,

Kyra Lanae


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