Beauty for Ashes is a compilation of memoirs of how God transformed some of the darkest moments in Kyra Lanae's life into something beautiful and life-giving. In this transparent and authentic view of her experiences of rape, addictions, divorce and suicidal thoughts, just to name a few, the reader is able to witness the love, power, forgiveness and restoration that only come from God. God doesn't bring the hurt and pain into our lives but He certainly uses it for His glory. Beauty for Ashes walks mature girls and women through the process of taking every destructive, abusive and unfavorable situation in their lives and giving it over to God as they bask in His love and His Word. Women of all ages will be able to walk with the author down the path of finding her identity in Christ and pursuing God's purposes for her life. Kyra Lanae encourages readers to follow her example, as she follows Christ, receiving Beauty for Ashes.



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Beauty for Ashes Book


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